my hobby

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A hobby and investment

For the love of keeping antique furniture, lamps and clocks as a hobby and investment can one makes a lot of money. I had a brother who keeps every things that he thinks can makes money in future. He started to collect all junks and antique items when he start works in a heritage shops. He started to collect old clock and repair it to make it works. With a little touch up and polish the anti clock is put up for sales. If he news any people who wanted to parts their old items, he will be there.

Today he owes three shops selling all junks and antique items. I remember one old father clock which he brought for a few hundred from his friends who is moving oversea. He sold to a family for ten thousand with a little touch up. Today's if you are an antique collectors you are consider a very rich person as antique are very expensive items nowadays.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kepping antiques as a hobby

Most people had a hobby in one way of another and it is some kind of hobby which they can do during their spare time. Some people take the hobby for enjoyment while some take it for fun and some take it to earn money in the near future. Hobby can comes from indoors such as reading books, gardening or games of chess or manjong at home. Out doors hobby such as fishing, playing various sports. Hobby that can generated money are keeping antiques, junk or keeping old coins.

I had a friends who father hobby is keeping all antiques things and products, things that is very old that will cause you a large sum of money to purchase. Since they live in quite a big house, most of his antiques are kept in a room of itself and some are displaying at the main hall. After his father death, he follow his footstep by keeping antiques as a hobby.

Todays he is a millionaire just selling most of the antique that he save and everyday you can see many visitors visiting his stores or his old house. He even decorated his old house as a antique house with all the door, window, bedroom, hall, kitchen and even toilet with antiques products. His hobby today is just selling and buying antiques products.


Monday, March 17, 2008

My hobby into my business

Everybody has a hobby sometimes a hobby can turn into a money generating business. During my young time my hobby is keeping stamps and playing badminton but my brother hobby is collecting old clock, chair and tables or anything in which he find it beautiful to keep. As he has not much capital at that time he will collected anythings he will pick and asked from the owners who wanted to parts with the items when their moved place.

Today he is in a business of selling anti furniture and equipment. He started selling all anti products that he pick at that time and buying anti at a reasonable price and selling to his customer at a good prices. He nows owns a few shops selling all anti products and most of his buyers are anti lovers. I am now working for him at one of his anti shop. Wow a hobby can turned you into a business man and makes you a rich man.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My hobby turn into business

Hobby can make you rich but you still had to invest with some money. I had a brother whose hobby and my hobby is quite the same. We like to collect any antique items from furniture to crockeries, old clocks and any things that we find it worth to keep. We start our hobby when we are around the age of teen. We both are inspire by the beauty alter tables and a set of old mother pearl chairs and tables, some very old and colourful crockeries, and manys items which is left from my great grandmother to my mothers and wanted to sell it because she said it occupied my space at home and also many items are not in used. We did not want her to sell the items so we build a small store room house at the back of our house compounds.

Years back we both start to venture into this business by buying old antique items at a very reasonable prise and sold it at a better prise. Few years back we both decided to call our hobby a stop as our house is taken back by ournew landlords. We decided to sold our items at a discounts prise and within a month all our items are gone and we make quite a lumb sum of money that we could open other business. It was wise to choose this as my hobby.


Friday, September 21, 2007

My new hobby doing bloks

When I left my company at the age of fifty six, I was so happy that I had many free time in my life to come but after a month a find it very dull as time is very hard to past and most of the time I will be alone at home watching television, series movies or listining to music. After a month I went out and throught internet to search for a hobby to past my time and lastly I joint Patric Chan from Awesome learning and he teaches me a lots.

Now I had a new hobby doing bloks which I find very intresting not only that I earn some pocket money but My english and my spelling improved alot. Beside this I learned many things from the internet and others things from other searchs. Now my hobby is doing blok whenever I have the time to do. When doing bloks times flies. I like to thanks patric Chan for giving me so many knowledge and giving me a new hobby.


Monday, July 23, 2007

My hobby cooking from my early age

Cooking is one of my hobby, During my early age I would help my mothers in the kitchen and would ask her what the incredents she put to make the food taste so nice. During weekends I will follow her to the markets to buy food to cook at home for lunch and dinner. After a few years I master myself in cooking and I will cooked for the family during school holidays.

I left school when I was eighteen of age and went to Join a five star at a chinese restaurant as a kitchen helper. After a year over, the chef teaches me how to cook a simple chinese dishes and how to make tim sum. I get along very well with the tops three cooks and I learned most of the skills from them, like food crafting, food presantation and most of the cooking skill thats me six to seven years from them.

I left the hotels and joined another hotels, there I pick a few skill from the Hong Kong chef. I then prusue futher by travelling and joining others big hotels in others countries. After thirty years in food line, I wrote a few books about Asian food I comes out with my food food recipt. Next year I thought of opening my own cooking class lesson for those who like Asian food.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Scruba diving my hobby

Everyone has a hobby in life, my favourite hobby is scuba diving which is quite a expensive hobby and besides you needs to have some friends who has the same hobby like you to make your hobby and holiday more fun and intresting. If you are Malaysian people the best place to had your scruba diving is in sabah, the place refer as Pulau Sipadan which has been rated as the top ten diving spots in the world. Others place are pulau Renang in Trengganu.

Last month a groups of our scruba diving friends make a trips to Pulau Sipadan. We planned for three stays at the hotels there and a friends over there to guide us to the best location for our scruba diving. While I am no expert in underwater photography I took with me a Nikonos V underwater camera. The picture I took was not bad as a amature.

The Islands was very cosy and the beach was very beautiful with a few of tourist resting on the beach and swimming. During night we had a few glass of beer at the bar and listening to music